Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sir Richard Branson and ART

Sir Richard Branson in person at a conference in Las Vegas
Why does an artist and art promoter attend a seminar that trains people how to accomplish Private Label Branding and sell things online?  Well, I think you can guess.

Its a branding and marketing thing.

As artists WE are each of us our own brand, and though there are many far more expert than me,  I have the determination to help myself and other artists be better promoters, marketers and sales people of our own work.

And so, I started building brands of physical products online to augment not only my income but to help me learn more about the online marketing of art. Then for the 3rd time in time in the last year I attended a conference that has one of the finest gatherings of expert teachers of online traffic marketing for shall we say, the less experienced and nerdy. I felt like Alice stepping through the looking glass, and discovering a whole new world out there.

There is hardly a more recognized personal brand than Branson and his Virgin empire. He is the face of his own empire and someone who backs it up with some of the most adventurous and outrageous public relations capers in history. He is a force and power all his own.

This last Saturday I got to sit in a room with 4,000 other marketing geeks and geek aspirants and listen to Sir Richard tell his unique and fascinating story. He was humble, gracious, and unassuming. One could not forget however, the fact that this very identifiable person commands a business, marketing and philanthropic empire of his own making. Branding and Public Relations has been his particular stock and trade, and of course, delivering  a better service and client/customer experience than most. I mean.. have you flown on Virgin?

There was certainly plenty of food for thought on how we artists can better market, promote and serve our own clientele and collectors. Yes, plenty of ideas there.

For a 8 minute clip of part of  Branson's click here :  Branson in Las Vegas Feb 7 2015

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