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On the big island of Hawaii, there is a magical place at the most southern tip of the island. Aptly called South Point, it is the most southern piece of land in the United States. Hawaiian tradition says it is also where the first Polynesian voyagers landed in the islands over 1,000 years ago.
Before the road was paved, the road to South Point was a bumpy muddy track with a charm all it's own. My first trip there was about 10 years ago, with my friends Kawika and Jean. Kawika was driving this outrageous Lincoln Towncare- the color was mauve, and he drove like a maniac. At one point he said to me- "look over there at the rainbows" and as I was extracting my fingernails from the car upholstery which somehow got there when I didn't notice (something to do with Kawika's driving) I looked over in that direction and counted at least 3 rainbows.

The road is paved most of the way down now and the drive isn't nearly as exciting, but it is still full of magic and you must visit in late afternoon when the sun and afternoon clouds send light dancing across the ocean and you feel like you can see all the way to Tahiti another thousand miles away!

The photo is titled: South Point Light Dance ©2002

Reviews for painting:

"A very nice watercolor."

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