Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Michele's Paintings and Art Adventures

I am a fine artist and do watercolors and oils of the tropical locations I love. I paint mostly Hawaiian Art, Tropical Art and scenes from California.I am also a business consultant working in the field of small business recoveries and improvement. I am a rebel (always have been), a wife (over 30 years) a mom, (over 30 years) and a Scientologist (over 20 years) a friend (to many) and a lover of people and new places. I'm a military brat- dad was in the army. I was born in Thailand, raised in Asia, Hawaii & California. I grew up traveling in foreign lands and have loved to travel all my life. I especially adore Scotland, Hawaii, Polynesia and tropical Asia. I am extrememly interested in people and like to help. I do not abide people who make others less able or less of themselves and in general try to make the society worse off- to those people I am very alert and willing to expose. I work very hard, play with enthusiam, enjoy a beautiful beach, my family, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, cooking and hearing what someone else has to say (most of the time). I always enjoy a good coversation and new things learned.

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