Sunday, September 27, 2009


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"Ha'ina ka inoa o hualalai, Kuahiwi ku kilakila "
Hualalai is the volcano just behind Kailua-Kona town on Hawaii island. Her 8,271 foot summit may be dwarfed by her more famous neighbors, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa- both just shy of 14, 000 feet from the sea, but she is quite celebrated and beautiful.-

Hanohano Hualalai e ku mai la
Distinguished Hualalai standing

E ho’ohiwahiwa ana a’i na Kona
Adorning the district of Kona

Hualali is frequently seen with a garland of clouds that ring around her like a lei. This is caused by the currents of air weaving around the 5 mountains of this island together with the heat and steam from the Kiluea eruptions to the south east.

The painting is watercolor on Arches cold pressed rag- the bay is Kaloko-Honokohau just north of Kailua Kona

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