Friday, May 1, 2015


"Reach for the Sun" - Watercolor by MARoss
May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii.
Every May 1st in Hawaii there is a celebration and profusion of the craft of lei making, those delightful floral garlands of Polynesia.

Hawaiians everywhere also have the tradition of "Aloha Fridays", and this year Lei Day is on Friday.

When I was a girl in Hawaii, my friends and I would scour the neighborhoods and pick flowers and make dozens of lei. Unfortunately we didn't strictly always ask for permission.

Since I lived on an Army Post, this got interesting one year when my friend Tina and I were caught stripping the plumeria trees in the Post Commander's yard- Uh Oh... Well, after thoroughly scaring us to death with a stern warning, the General invited us in for cookies an lemonade. Still, we learned to ask permission in the future. I miss the flowers of Hawaii, and still paint them though I can no longer find them out my windows. HAPPY LEI DAY! - Michele

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