Thursday, March 5, 2015

WORLD BOOK DAY- He said he'd never been in a house with so many books?

I heard a rumor it was "World Book Day" today.

What a lovely idea! However, I remember a time when every day was a book day.

This is a picture of  a section of 2 of my 5 large bookshelves, mostly the art reference section. Recently my son had a friend over to visit and he told my son that he'd never before been in a house with so many books. I thought that was a bit sad, is it that unusual these days?

My shelves are cluttered and need a bit of organizing, but I love books, and I love my books. So many are like dear old friends who give me insight and pleasure over and over again.  Happy World Book Day! Read a book, make a friend for life.

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