Thursday, January 22, 2015


Well, its my birthday next week, and since it is also the new year, I've been purging. Getting rid of  old things to make room for the new. Its often a tradition among artists to destroy old work to make room for new ideas.

In honor of this tradition I'm having a BURN NOTICE SALE. Through the end of the month of January I have several sales going on. In my Etsy store, I just slashed the price of several original older watercolors by 30-50%. And on Ebay, I have just listed several low opening bid pieces as well. I will be adding and listing more through my birthday on Jan 29th and all these sales will end by Feb 1st. Also, 10% of the sales on Ebay will be donated to one of my favorite charities, The Way to Happiness Campaign.  After the sales are done, I will be burning many of the old paintings that don't sell. Its tradition. So, If you care to save any from the funeral pyre, take a look, buy some and if you have any questions, just let me know. A girl can always use extra birthday cash you know. - Michele

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