Saturday, May 10, 2014


Mom, as always, feeding the doves in the 1960's
When I was a girl in Hawaii, mom always got to choose where to go to lunch for Mother's Day, and she often chose the Halekulani or The Willows . Halekulani, that wonderful bastion of old Waikiki grace and grandeur was definitely a favorite.   The name means "House Befitting Heaven" and that was the perfect name for it. Of course 

terrace at the Hale in the '60s
we'd usually have lunch at the water in on the Coral Terrace as it was relaxed and more kid friendly. This lovely space with it's huge twisted kiawe trees and open seating next to the waves holds many fond memories for me. 

White Plumerias- Watercolor  by Michele Ross
 Entering the front of the Halekulani was a bit intimidating.  Quiet and serene, smelling        strongly of old Hawaiian      history, it seemed like a huge  temple to this young girl. I was  always in awe of the place, but  once out into the dappled  sunshine for lunch, it was again  all relaxed Aloha spirit. I've  never been back to the Hale since I was a kid and would love to go back for lunch, have a toast to mom, and feed the doves my leftovers as she did every single time. "They're counting on us" she'd say. "We have enough to share."  
Miss you Mom, Aloha Nui Loa!......Happy Mother's Day!

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