Thursday, October 22, 2009

"CEREUS" GECKO- watercolor

"CEREUS" GECKO- watercolor
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Well, it's a bit surreal, but that was my mood. The night blooming cereus is a common site in Hawaii and of course so is his friend the green gecko.

Watercolor on Lanaquarelle 9x12 done on October 22, 2009
original available for $65.00 US plus shipping
Prints available for $22.00 US plus shipping

Here are a few reviews and comments I've received on this piece:

"I love how you've put the night sky behind it. The bloom itself is fantastic ... and I love the head position of the cute little gecko. Brilliant all around! "

"I love I think he is the perfect addition to your beautiful flower! "

"Beautiful painting of the flower and the insurance icon :)"

"What a beauty!!! "

"Out of this world. So delicate, so Hawaiian. "

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